Pyaar Ki Ye ek kahaani Season 1

The amazing Story Of Love If you sea this story one time then You This more time because this story is base upon the true one.This was a great love story based on the supernatural phenomenon and was produced by Ekta Kapoor. It was one of the most ambitious projects featuring Vivaan Dsena in the role of a vampire. This character portrayed by Vivaan gained him much needed fame. The female lead role was played by Sukriti Kandpal in the character of Piya. The series was about how the vampire played by Vivaan falls in love with Piya, a human and how they reunite despite so many struggles and odds. The series featured 331 episodes.A new principal is hired (courtesy Mr.& Mrs. Raichand). When Piya finds out that her roommate, Maya is pregnant, she gets on the case of finding out who the guy is. Piya doubts Abhay and he admits to it. Piya records a video of Maya and a guy, whose back is only seen, and she believes it is Abhay.

Danish proposes to Panchi and the Dobriyals' organize a party where comes to know that Danish made Maaya pregnant, she reveals this to maya and Abhay and confronts Danish and he accepts but he manages to clear out the proofs Piya collected. Everybody starts hating Abhay except for Piya. She tries helping him. Panchi calls the police and asks them to arrest Abhay, but Piya stops them by stating that on the day Maya was hurt, Abhay was with her in the Boy's Locker Room. Danish comes to hurt Piya at her hostel. Abhay reaches before Danish and takes Piya to his house for her own safety and, there she spends the night in his room. Piya nearly sees a photo of Maithili (a girl who resembles Piya, and whom Abhay used to love) but Abhay pulls it from her hand before she sees the face. When she asks Abhay whether Maithili was her girlfriend and he says Yes. Haseena Raichand comes to check, Abhay picks Piya up quickly and takes her to the bed, just in time before Haseena opens the door.

Pia unknowingly sleeps in Abhay's arms which she feels bad about later. The next day, the principal of the college comes to Piya's class and announces that a girl from their college had spent a night at a boy's house and the parents have come to identify the girl. Arnab comes to Piya's rescue at the principal's office and points out justice hasn't been delivered since Piya is the only one accused and not Abhay. Abhay is also called. He disagrees in front of his parents that Piya was not with him that night. Piya goes home with Mr. Dobriyal and is greeted by a rather hostile Panchi. Piya is called to attend a phone call by the matron who reveals to her that she found a cheque addressed from Danish to Maya. She asks Piya to see if Maya has received it. Piya sees this as possible proof to reveal Danish's true nature in front of the whole family but after she reveals it to Misha, the Dobrial family say that Danish has told them everything. Arnab almost slaps Piya but just in time Abhay stops him and takes her away. In class, Piya gets a lot of notes with rather nasty and insulting comments. She gets upset again and Abhay supports herBhot hi acha hain ya drama igr ap is ko ek baar deklo to baar dekho ge.

                                            Episode 1

                                            Episode 2

                                            Episode 3

                                            Episode 4

                                            Episode 5

                                            Episode 6

                                            Episode 7

                                            Episode 8

                                            Episode 9

                                            Episode 10           

                                            Episode 11

                                            Episode 12

                                            Episode 13

                                            Episode 14

                                            Episode 15

                                            Episode 16

                                            Episode 17

                                            Episode 18

                                            Episode 19

                                            Episode 20

                                            Episode 21

                                            Episode 22

                                            Episode 23

                                            Episode 24

                                            Episode 25

                                            Episode 26

                                            Episode 27

                                            Episode 28

                                            Episode 29

                                            Episode 30

                                            Episode 31

                                            Episode 32

                                            Episode 33

                                            Episode 34

                                            Episode 35

                                            Episode 36